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Cabbage Patch Kimchi

Cabbage Patch Kimchi produces an artisanal traditional Korean kimchi, which is a non-dairy probiotic that is made primarily from Napa cabbage. We lovingly ferment small batches of kimchi in Halifax, NS. As a probiotic, it is great for the digestive

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Steinhart Distillery Limited

Steinhart Distillery is located along the Northumberland shores overlooking the Arisaig wharf. Thomas Steinhart, distiller, has made his passion for distilling a reality and shares this passion through tours, tastings and distilling sessions for those interested in trying their hand

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Ednaturals Healthy Foods

Ednaturals is dedicated to providing healthy foods that are rich in plant nutrients & minimally processed.

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Bytz is a brand new business in Halifax that makes heathy Energy Balls and Grain Free Granola. All of the products are free from grains, dairy and contain no added sugars. There are 6 different Energy Ball  flavours including the

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Roll On Two Chimney Cakes

Roll On Two Chimney Cakes is the first bakery of it’s kind in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Chimney cakes are a traditional Hungarian pastry, dating back hundreds of years. At the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market, Roll On Two Chimney Cakes offers five

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Maritime Gourmet Nut Company

Freshly roasted nuts and seeds. Gluten, dairy and sodium free.

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Boxer and Baker Specialty Desserts

Boxer & Baker is a brand new online bakery based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We specialize in aesthetically pleasing baked goods and stand for quality products from quality ingredients to provide customers with unique and custom products. Boxer & Baker

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Maritime Gourmet Mushrooms Inc.

Maritime Gourmet Mushrooms Inc. founded in 2014 started as a pursuit of passion for sustainable and innovative farming practices. The cultivation of exotic mushrooms is both a challenge and an exciting endeavour. Located near Halifax, Nova Scotia we focus on

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Burritos Tah Go

Breakfast, chicken and veggie burritos wrapped and ready to go. Other varieties available seasonally or pre-ordered.

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East Coast Family Market-Blois Family Farm

We grow vegetables and no-spray apples. Blois Family Farm humanely raises veal, goat, and beef. Blois Farm have low fat, low sodium sausages in beef, goat, veal and lamb. We do not use any grains, soy or sugar in any

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