Gillian Hannah Berry Jewellery designs range from unique and simple, to whimsical and bold statement pieces. The styles vary, and are always on the cusp of new fashion. Gillian Hannah Berry Jewellery seeks to emphasize the freedom and natural beauty inside each of us. The jewellery is hand crafted using natural, manufactured, and recycled materials. These materials include but are not limited to: wire, crystals, glass, feathers, leather, and birch bark. The materials used are given new meaning when they become a part of both a sculptural and wearable jewellery design. Stones and crystals are uniquely wrapped using sterling silver-plated or gold-plated wire. Other materials, such as leather, include etchings that echo the pure organic designs found in nature. While related explorations are evident throughout my work, each piece is as unique as the next. I like to transform the ordinary into something spectacular that can be a wearable inspiration wherever you go.