Schoolhouse Gluten-free Gourmet has been offering gluten-free goodies to sensitive gourmets in Nova Scotia since 2009. With a production facility in an old schoolhouse in Martin’s Point, Lunenburg County, co-owners Jen Laughlin and Aidan Brunn, along with a small but mighty team of bakers make small batch goodies–from potato millet bread to decadent brownies, from savoury focaccia rounds and flaky biscuits to gooey butter tarts by hand, and with the freshest ingredients, with an emphasis on local. You won’t find Schoolhouse Gluten-free Gourmet in your grocer’s freezer, but you will find them at Farmers’ Markets in Halifax and Lunenburg and at local cafes, restaurants and finer local grocery and speciality stores. That’s because Schoolhouse’s aim is to provide fresh, delicious, and nutrient-packed gluten-free options to consumers at farmers’ markets, independent retailers and cafes in Nova Scotia. Schoolhouse Gluten-free Gourmet is proud to be a member of Taste of Nova Scotia, Balle and Smart Select.